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Since my little boy started at Cheeky Monkeys he's developed in so many ways! His language, social skills, eating, have all come on amazingly and I truly believe this is thanks to Cheeky Monkeys.

Rachell Harris

Mini Monkeys

Children in the Mini Monkeys room are two to three years old and they are keen investigators of the world around them. We nurture this interest in a variety of different ways and allow lots of opportunity for exploration and investigation, from wild and wacky messy play to Ofsted outstanding bannerintricate activities such as threading, building and sorting.

Learning to ply alongside others is a big part of the littles one's journey and the children are encouraged to be kind and caring towards one another and are reminded to use manners. We guide and support the children as they begin to develop in social play and we provide lots of opportunity for them to share and interact.

Although we have specific nappy changing times, we check all nappies regularly and change them when necessary and throughout the year the children usually begin to potty train. This is done with the utmost sensitivity ensuring that parents and carers take a similar approach to ensure consistency throughout this period of change. The children are rewarded for their successes with praise, stickers and the occasional treat!

Some children still have a little nap after lunch time to recharge their batteries, whilst others have grown out of this and are full of energy throughout their busy day. We always speak to parents to ascertain their wishes regarding their child's routine and development stage. The afternoon routine is similar to the morning with different activities and opportunities provided to ensure a variety for those that attend full days. A yummy high tea is provided along with fresh drinking water that is available throughout the day. The children are able to help themselves to this.

“When we arrive at nursery we wave goodbye and begin our adventure! If we are early birds then we enjoy some scrummy breakfast first.”

Child choosing favourite toys from special bookThe support of having carers close by allows the children to explore their environment with confidence and to share their discoveries with someone familiar, knowing where to turn for support. We aim to make our little ones feel safe and nurtured within their daily routine.

The children are encouraged to follow their own interests and access the resources they would like to use independently with their carer close by to provide for and enhance their play. Our setting is filled with natural resources to allow the children to explore all about the world around them.

minimonkeys special book

“We have lots of opportunity to get creative with the paints or perhaps get really messy in the shaving foam!”

Children at messy playThe children are provided with exciting resources as they begin to combine movement, materials, media and marks. The activities provide opportunity for the children to get involved in new experiences that may challenge their expectations.

“Time to enjoy some delicious snack to give us some more energy!”

Children enjoying circle timeThe children find their photograph and name and post it into the box to show we are ready to enjoy some snack. Then it's time to wash and dry our little hands before choosing between milk or water. We have some little jugs perfect for allowing the children to pour their own drink before tucking into some yummy toast.

“We then have a short circle time together where we listen to a story and talk about waht day it is and the weather.”

Children enjoying circle timeSpending a small part of the day singing familiar songs, chatting about our interests and dancing together helps to support lots of the little one's early development such as listening, speech and understanding of the world.

“Time for some fresh air and a good run around.”

Child playing outside Once we have all finished our snack we go outside to burn some energy and use our gross motor skills on the climbing frame, cars and bikes.

“We have a little sing song before lunch where we try lots of new healthy foods.”

Child having lunchThe children can learn lots of essential social skills and enjoy being with and talking to adults and other children at meal times. The staff encourage independence but are also on hand to help out when needed and model good table manners.

“Now my tummy's full & I've had a run around outside I'm starting to feel a bit tired...”

Child resting in a camp bedIn this room some children still need a little sleep to recharge their batteries after a busy morning playing. Each child has a camp bed available to them and a basket with clean sheets and blankets in. After all of that fun it's lovely to have some quiet time before diving into the next adventure.

“I'm not sleepy, what shall I do whilst my friends are asleep?”

Child playing with a jigsaw The children who don't sleep at this time will be invited to join in with a quiet activity with the staff such as jigsaws or playdough. Alternatively outside is a great space to move and make noise!”