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They have taken part in so many activities and the educational aspect of the nursery is first class; We have never ceased to be amazed at each new thing they have learned.

Rachel & Tim Fuller

Cheeky Monkeys FAQ's

These are just a sample of the questions that we get asked. If you have a different question please do not hesitate to contact us and ask. Please do not feel that any question is a “silly” one! All questions are important regarding the care of your child, you need to be comfortable about every aspect of nursery life - and trust us, no matter what your question is, or how trivial, somebody has probably asked us before!

  • I am returning to work and am worried about settling my child into nursery beforehand. How will you help me to do this?

    If you decide to book a place at Cheeky Monkeys we offer a few free trial sessions before your child´s actual start date. These sessions start off small, maybe just an hour or so, and give your child opportunity to meet the staff and experience their new environment. A short first session allows your child to experience nursery without being overwhelmed (and you are not at home worrying for too long!). Babies also learn at this time that it is ok to be left and that Mummy / Daddy always come back. These sessions will then increase in duration to allow your child to develop the confidence to stay for a full session. We usually find that the children are fine and it´s the parents who sit at home worrying!

    If you feel that your child is shy or wary of new situations, you might feel that they would benefit from a home visit. If you thought this would be beneficial we could send a member of staff who will care for your child to your home. This would provide them with the opportunity to meet a member of our team in a familiar environment which may be a little less daunting for them. They will then recognise a familiar face when they start nursery. This will also give you an opportunity to ask any questions that you may have thought of.

  • My employers offer a voucher scheme, will I be able to use this to pay for my nursery fees?

    Yes, Cheeky Monkeys already accept the majority of voucher schemes as payment for nursery fees and we accept the tax free childcare too.

  • I have heard about government funding, can I access this through Cheeky Monkeys?

    Yes, the term after your child´s third birthday Cheeky Monkeys can access government funding towards your child´s nursery fees. This entitles you to 15 funded hours. We also offer the 30 hours funding and Think 2 for those that meet the Government criteria and tax free childcare too.

    The 30 hours funding is a great opportunity for working families to access free childcare. The full criteria for eligibility is available at If you are eligable you will be given a code which we can use to access your funding. It will then be your responsibility to renew this code termly to continue to access your funding. The 30 hours enables you to use 30 hours free nursery education per week term time only but as many parents need nursery care all year round, we can spread the hours across the whole year. If the whole year option is your choice then it averages out at 22.3 hours per week. Either is fine with us! Please remember that whilst the care is free we do charge a reasonable amount for meals and snacks eaten whilst at nursery. Also, if you require more than 30 hours care you are welcome to pay for additional sessions on a first come, first served basis. Any more information or guidance required is available from the office.

    Tax Free Childcare - The Government have set up a scheme to help parents and carers financially towards childcare costs. The premise of the scheme is that the Government are contributing the tax element of the childcare, therefore paying 20% towards the costs of your fees. More information is available at This is something you can set up at home using this website. You will then be asked to select a nursery. Once you have chosen Cheeky Monkeys you will then be provided with a code which you need to pass onto the office and we can then look out for these payments. This is a great way of saving 20% off your childcare.

  • Can I claim working family tax credits?

    Yes, to claim the childcare element of working family tax credits your child must attend an Ofsted registered provision. All you would need to do is inform tax credits of our registration number and your weekly childcare costs. This information is available from the office upon registration of your child.

  • Why should I send my child to you rather than the nursery attached to my child´s school?

    As Cheeky Monkeys is a private day care setting we adhere to Ofsted guidelines. As part of these guidelines the ratio of staff to children is 1:8. This is the minimum which we often exceed as for example if there were 19 children in we would provide 3 staff. In a nursery school however, the ratio is 1:13. Attending a nursery school does NOT guarantee your child a place at that school. The standard of education offered to your child is graded by Ofsted in all nursery provisions either private or in school settings. In our most recent inspection we were graded "Outstanding" which is the highest grade awarded.

  • Do you offer discount for siblings?

    Yes, we offer a 10% discount for the oldest sibling.

  • Will you be able to help to potty train my child?

    Yes, potty training usually occurs in the 2-3 year old´s room depending on the child´s readiness (& willingness!). This is always done in partnership with parents and we will discuss with you how you wish us to approach the change. We have a variety of potties available or some choose to head straight for the toilet! We offer various rewards for successes such as stickers and we never reprimand accidents.

  • My child has formula milk, will you be able to give them that?

    We will give your child whichever formula milk you supply for them and at your requested times. When your child is one they will be able to have cow´s milk which we can provide for you.

  • Will you be able to help wean my child?

    Cheeky Monkeys has a specialised menu to help wean babies on to solid foods. We start by offering a variety of tasty pureed fruit and vegetables (unless you are choosing to do baby led weaning). During stage 2 of the process we introduce meats and other carbohydrates. We gradually increase the consistency and quantities of the food on offer until the baby is ready to eat from the main nursery menu. All weaning is done gradually and in partnership with parents´ wishes. We have a cook who comes in every day who prepares the children´s food.

  • I am currently breastfeeding my baby, how will this fit in with nursery life?

    Whilst we do have facilities at nursery for you to sit and feed your child, we appreciate that you will not always be there when feeds are required. If you are able to express milk we can store this in the fridge for up to 24 hours or we can freeze milk provided in pouches for up to 3 months. This milk can then be offered via a bottle or beaker.

  • What do I need to bring?

    We can provide the majority of the things that your child will need throughout their day at nursery. However, we do ask you to provide a full change of clothes, any comforters that may help your child to settle and nappies and wipes if applicable. Some parents choose to provide nappies daily whereas others prefer to bring in a large pack and we can then let you know when it´s running low - one less thing to think about!

  • Do I pay monthly or weekly?

    You will be given an invoice at the beginning of the month for the month in advance. We ask that this is paid within the first week. However, if an arrangement was made with management a weekly payment scheme could be set up providing that the full month´s invoice is settled within the month. We use the GoCardless System for payment of all invoices.

  • Will my child be safe?

    Safety is paramount at Cheeky Monkeys.

    • All exterior doors are locked from the outside. Only staff can allow access to the building and outdoor play areas and CCTV is in operation outside the building and in the office. Internally the door handles are designed so that the children cannot open them.
    • Children are not allowed to roam around unsupervised and ALL staff are trained in first aid as well as Food Safety and Safeguarding. Food allergies and intolerances seem to be on the rise. We have rigorous procedures in place to ensure that every child is kept safe and where a child has a known allergy, a management plan will be put in place for their individual requirements.
    • All staff are subject to rigorous safety checks including obtaining references from previous employers and undergoing DBS checks to ensure their suitability to work with children.
    • Staff are not permitted to take mobile phones into the classrooms and any photographs taken are done so decently, and on a nursery registered camera.
    • Your family´s confidentiality is respected at all times.
    • Only adults nominated to collect your child will be permitted to take your child from the premises and unless we were certain of someone´s identity they would not even be allowed to enter the premises.
  • My relatives may collect my child from time to time, will this be ok?

    When you register your child you will be asked to provide a list of people permitted to collect your child. We will only allow those people to collect your child. If however you needed a neighbour, for example, to collect your child you would need to inform the nursery staff and we would arrange a method to be sure of that person´s identity when they arrived. This could be either by providing a photo of the person, setting up a password or by asking them to bring ID with them.

  • Are your staff qualified?

    All staff are qualified. Ofsted state that 80% of the workforce should be qualified to level 2 or above - we more than exceed this expectation. Aside from childcare qualifications we also have experienced workers, mothers and grandmothers amongst us. We believe that all experience is beneficial and can sometimes even teach you things that qualifications cannot. We currently have several members of staff qualified with a Foundation Degree in Early Years, 2 with Early Years Profesional Status, one of whom is also a qualified Play Therapist and one who is a teacher. We also have a midwife on board who works in our baby room. The remaining staff have their Level 3 Early Years Child Care and Education certificate. We have full details of our staffs´ qualifications on the notice board in the front entrance.