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Reagan has come on in leaps and bounds since starting at Cheeky Monkeys. I was nervous about how she would interact with other children being a first time mum but the staff were very friendly and supportive

Terri Smith and Reagan

Little Lemurs

In the Little Lemurs' room the children are eighteen months to two years. Here we encourage independence in a variety of ways, such as moving from captainĀ“s chairs to normal chairs for meal times as they start to feed themselves (with help from the carers). All learning is through play so the children are barely aware that they are learning quite so much! The morning routine is repeated in the afternoon with different activities provided to ensure a variety for those that attend full days and a high tea is also provided.

Fresh drinking water is available throughout the day which the children can help themselves to. Although we have specific nappy changing times, we check all nappies regularly and change them when necessary.

“I arrive at nursery and look forward to starting my day.”

Mother cuddling childThe staff ask parents about their child and how they have been. This ensures positive relationships with parents and promotes communication and consistency between the care given at nursery and home.

“Sometimes I arrive at nursery early so I eat breakfast with my friends 'yum yum'.”

Child eating cornflakes for breakfastThis helps to promote childrenĀ“s personal, social and emotional development. The children are offered a selection of cereal and encouraged to make their own choices. The carers promote independence whilst feeding and are there for support.

“I think I'll join in with the activity now. We're painting today! We do something different every day. I especially enjoy it when we do something messy.”

Child in blue plastic apron paintingTables are set up with a range of activities to promote physical development and social skills with problem solving challenges. Children learn through their senses so we love to promote this during play. A cosy corner with a range of story books also helps to promote their communication and language skills.

“I am feeling a little hungry now. I think I would like some toast and milk. On cold days my milk is warmed up for me which feels nice in my tummy.”

Boy eating toastThe children are encouraged to help put the toys away and then they wash their hands ready for some toast and milk. This is a great time to socialise with their friends.

“It´s time for me to get some fresh air. If it´s cold then I wrap up warm in my hat, coat, scarf and gloves but if it´s sunny I put on sun cream and a sun hat.”

Young children playing outside in shadeThis encourages lots of physical development and provides opportunity to socialise. We go out to explore in all weathers and they love to visit our Forest School and music area and our sensory shed.

“Time to get our bodies moving”

Young boy eating lunch in high chairThe children move to some of their favourite tunes and then we all sing a cheery hello song so that we can recognise all our friends and we learn about the days of the week. The children select a book and a choice of song sticks to enjoy nursery rhymes together.

“All that singing's made me hungry... I think I'll have my lunch.. ”

Young children playing outside in shadeChildren are encouraged to wash their hands and feed themselves which links to problem solving skills and boosting their self esteem.

Meal times are viewed as a social event. The children are encouraged to eat at their own pace  in a manner that suits their developmental stage. By keeping things calm at meal times children are more likely to try new foods alongside their friends - they may even ask for seconds.

“Now I have a full tummy I feel rather sleepy. I think I´ll take a nap before starting all over again. What a busy day!”

Child playingSleep and rest encourages growth and development and also recharges their mind.

The children sleep on camp beds. Some parents may wish to limit the amount of sleep that their children have throughout the day whereas others may snooze away until they wake up naturally. At the other side of the room activities are underway for the afternoon children.

“In the afternoon we have a drink and a yummy fruit platter with different fresh and dried fruits to eat.”

Child having fruit snackFruit is offered to the children a short time after waking. The freedom to promote decision making and communication skills are practised here.