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From the first time I took my daughters there, the nursery staff had made me feel that my little girl is the most special child they have.

Tara Hollingsworth

Cheeky Chimps

In the Cheeky Chimps' room we cater for children from birth to 18 months. Every step of the way we discuss changes with parents to work together as a team. Children change so much during this time that we have resources and equipment to deal with each stage of development, from rolling to sitting, crawling to walking. We also help to wean babies in this room. The morning routine is repeated in the afternoon with different activities provided to ensure a variety for those that attend full days and a high tea is also provided.

“My Mummy and Daddy drop me off in the morning and I'm welcomed by my carer's smiley face.”

In Cheeky Chimps we value our partnership with parents, In fact Ofsted say “Superb relationships are fostered with parents, professionals and other carers.” We always make sure that we find out how the children have been and ask if there's anything else we need to know. This handover provides opportunity to keep staff updated on the childs current development stage or current preferences with regards to sleep and eating.

“Sometimes I have a little play first ...”

Little boy playing with toysChildren will be invited to join in with a variety of activities or can choose their own resources to play with.

“... and sometimes I have my breakfast.”

Baby being bottle fed by nursery nurseThe babies enjoy a variety of breakfasts and are offered water with every meal and water is available at all times throughout the day.

“Now my tummy's full I'm ready to explore my room.”

Little girl exploring sensory roomThe children use the Sensory Corner regularly. They can access it as they wish and learn to enjoy different textures and see various lights and sounds.

“Now I feel a bit peckish again, I think I'll have some toast and milk with my friends”

Baby reaching for toastSnack times are seen as a social event. The children all sit at the same level. They are encouraged to chat and interact with others. We provide cow's milk or water to quench their thirst. Some babies have breast milk or formula feeds throughout the day.

“Excuse me a minute. I'm going to have my nappy changed.”

Nappy changing facilitiesNappies are changed regularly throughout the day or whenever needed. The carers check the babies' nappies regularly. Each child has their own basket where we can store nappies, wipes & creams.

“Now I'm ready for more fun. I might go outside for some fresh air...”

Baby being bottle fed by nursery nurseWe value outdoor play as we believe the benefits of fresh air are important to their health and development. We wrap up warm when it gets chilly or wear sun cream and sun hats in the summer.

“...or I might take part in the activity that my carer has planned for me.”

Child playingThe babies are offered a variety of activities in line with the EYFS curriculum framework. They are observed by the staff so that we can make sure we develop their learning at a level which is appropriate to their specific stage and development.

“I´m sure that´s my tummy rumbling! I´m going to sit up to the table and have some yummy scrummy lunch and pudding.”

Baby eating her lunchWe have a cook who comes in every day to prepare fresh food from a varied 4 week menu. We vary the consistency of the foods to meet the needs of each child. We also have a weaning menu and offer all children fresh drinking water.

“I think I might have a little nap now.”

A little napWe always follow the parents´ wishes as to where and when the babies sleep. We have a variety of choices such as the cots, swings and prams. We do not have a set time for sleeping. Babies sleep as needed but also in line with their parents wishes.

“Time for a top up! I´m going to have some fruit and a drink.”

A little napThe babies are offered a variety of healthy snacks. It is important for little tummies to eat little and often to keep their metabolisms going. We offer a variety of foods to tempt their palates and to experience new textures and tastes.