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[My Children] have made many friends and we have always felt happy to leave them in a happy, safe environment whilst we go to work

Rachel & Tim Fuller

Opening Hours & Fees

Morning Session 07:30am - 13:00pm £31.00 Includes Snack and Lunch
Afternoon Session 13:00pm - 18:00pm £29.00 Includes Snack and Light Tea
Full Day 07:30am - 18:00pm £60.00 Includes All Food
Full Week 07:30am - 18:00pm £300.00 Includes All Food
  • All fees are paid monthly in advance. Government funding is available for the over two's. All childcare vouchers are accepted as well as tax free childcare. Payment is via our GoCardless system.
  • Please note that the nursery does close for bank holidays (which are chargeable) and for the last five working days of the year for Christmas (which are not chargeable).
  • Admission to the nursery will be on a first come first served basis as this is the fairest way to everybody. Equal access is given irrespective of gender, race, social group, religion, family group or disability.
  • There are many policies available for parents to view. E.g. Behaviour Management, Health & Safety, Confidentiality, Equal Opportunities, etc. Please ask a member of staff if you wish to see the policy file. Our "Outstanding" Ofsted report is also available to read.
  • Contact us if you would like to come and have a look around or to book a place for your Cheeky Monkey.


Week 6

Cheeky Monkeys Rate My Place Five Star Food Award

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Breakfast Wholemeal toast & milk Wholemeal toast & milk Wholemeal toast & milk Wholemeal toast & milk Wholemeal toast & milk
Lunch Homemade chilli con carne made with low fat mince served with healthy brown rice Homemade cheesy vegetable pasta bake packed with vegetables & sausage chunks Homemade chicken & vegetable casserole packed with fresh vegetables Roast pork served with potatoes, fresh vegetables & gravy Homemade chicken a la king made with fresh peppers, mushrooms served with brown rice
Pudding Banana syllabub Fruit jelly with Greek yoghurt Warm apple pie & custard Strawberry & peach fool Low fat fruit yoghurt
Snack Fruit & vegetable platter & fresh water Fruit & vegetable platter & fresh water Fruit & vegetable platter & fresh water Fruit & vegetable platter & fresh water Fruit & vegetable platter & fresh water
Light Tea A selection of cheese biscuits with fresh green & black grapes Wholemeal sandwiches with crisp salad Sliced fruit loaf served with an orange wedge Warm toasted buttered muffins served with a melon wedge Wholemeal sandwiches with cheesy crunchies
5 a day 7 Portions 6 Portions 8 Portions 10 Portions 6 Portions

Weaning stage 1 - Puree

Lunch Butternut Squash Sweet Potato & Broccoli Potato & Parsnip puree Trio of root vegetables Parsnip & apple puree
Tea Creamy vegetable or fruit puree Banana Avocado Apple & Pear with Cinnamon Sweet Potato & Carrot

Weaning stage 2 - Puree

Lunch Carrot puree with lentils & cheese Fruity Chicken with Butternut squash Chicken, Sweet Potato & Apple Vegetable Puree with Tomatoes & Cheese My 1st chicken puree
Tea Chicken, Sweet Potato & Pea puree Potato, Leek, Carrot & Pea puree Potato, Carrot & Sweetcorn Tomatoes, Carrots & Basil Eat your Greens puree

Weaning stage 3 - Puree

At this stage babies will be offered the lunch & pudding menu blended to the consistency appropriate to their stage of development. Tea will also be a meal from the lunch menu. Cheeky Monkeys will ensure that the babies are offered a variety of tastes and textures throughout the day